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Book Review: Dear Bridget, I Want You

Full disclaimer: anything that Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward write, I will happily devour. They are phenomenal writers in their own right, but when they write together it’s magical. I could never imagine writing with another person. I think it takes such a skill to fully enmesh yourselves and your writing to create a cohesive book that has a united voice. I feel like I can barely manage that well enough on my own.

Dear Bridget, I Want You is the story of sexy British Simon who is doing his residency at the same hospital as his new roommate, nurse Bridget. Bridget is a single mom still grieving the death of her husband. She works full-time, but it is tough to still make ends meet, so she rents out a room to Simon who is in need of some housing. They had a previous fun meet-cute awhile back involving a fish hook in a butt that comes to play a larger role later in the novel.

It’s a bit of opposites attract: Simon is unapologetically a bit of a slut and Bridget is tightly wound and finds her release in her romance novels. But there is still an undeniable attraction, which is hard for Bridget because she just can’t see herself as desirable to sexy Simon since she’s a mom and had a lackluster sex life with her deceased husband. But fear not, through some sexy late night letter writing and slightly ajar doors, these two finally get together and it’s super sexy.

Book Review

Book Review: King of Code

I fell in love with CD Reiss after hearing her interview on the Romance Between the Pages podcast and then finding her on Twitter and loving her hilarious and on-point commentary and thoughts. I picked King of Code for my first novel from CD Reiss because I am a geek at heart and loved the idea of a hacker romance.

King of Code is written entirely in the hero’s, Taylor Harden, perspective and doesn’t shy away from showing him as an arrogant, manwhorish but brilliant guy who gets his “impenetrable” system hacked right before he is about to offer hackers everywhere a $5 million prize for hacking into his system. His arrogance catches up to him and the hacker who manages to crack the uncrackable lures him to find them. And lo and behold, Taylor finds his mystery hacker to be a … woman. Though Taylor is immediately attracted to Harper, the beautiful blonde hacker, he also hates her guts because she totally humiliated him. She more than makes up for it though, so they’re cool now.

I liked the book and I think it’s pretty obvious that Ms. Reiss knows her stuff. There is some peppering of some techy language, but it’s usually quickly explained or something a Google search can help me figure out. I devoured this book on a weekend afternoon and loved the slow burn hate to like to love. Even though Taylor was super pissed at Harper for the humiliation, he can’t help but respect her and acknowledge that her skills are undeniable.

Book Review

Book Review: The Opposite of You

I am new to author Rachel Higginson, but I was somehow directed to her book, The Opposite of You via Amazon’s recommendations and I absolutely adored this book. I went for it because it was only $1.20 and I thought “what the hell could I lose?” (for all you KU subscribers, it’s also on there!)

The story is about a young woman and chef named Vera who is escaping a dark past (and a sleazy ex) by coming back home and opening a food truck in the lot of her brother’s bicycle shop. Across the street from this lot is a famous, super upscale restaurant with a kitchen run by the famous chef, Killian.

He sees the food truck, is super pissy that it desecrates the beauty of his own magnificent restaurant across the street, conflict ensues when he sends his kitchen staff to sample her goods and then because he’s a super arrogant famous chef, he sends her notes on how to improve her food, which only piss her off. So like Higginson clearly describes in her title, it’s an opposites attract novel BUT are they really so different after all? (answer: no)

This book reads more like an enemies to lovers book than an opposites attract, but it’s a fun read and has some really witty banter. The sex is less of a feature (I think there was only one or two sex scenes in the book and pardon my dirty mind, but I consider that fairly light), but that gives more room for the characters to fall in love. I also like the book in that the characters don’t fall in love in like two weeks- it takes some time, but it’s cool because we’ll know they’ll get down eventually.

It also has an adorable ending that makes my HEA- obsessed heart pitter patter. I will definitely be seeking out more of Ms. Higginson’s books and recommend you try it out for yourself, too. All in all, a solid 4.5/5 for me.

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Book Review: Royally Endowed

In true fashion, I read Royally Endowed, the third book in Emma Chase’s “the Royally” series in one sitting, finishing at 1:00am on a Sunday, knowing I would definitely be feeling the lack of sleep when I need to wake up in five more hours. But whatever, it was worth it.

I am ashamed to share that I didn’t even know Ms. Chase had published the third book in the series (it came out in August), however I was listening to the Romance Between the Pages podcast (side note: fantastic podcast- also a new discovery) and they were interviewing Emma who talked about this book.

Needless to say I rushed home and purchased it. It’s $4.99 on Amazon and normally I hate buying books more than $1.99 because I devour them in 2-3 hours. But whatever, I did it and I regret nothing.

Royally Endowed is the story of Ellie, Olivia’s baby sister. You will remember Olivia from the first book in the series, Royally Screwed where she throws a pie in the face of the Prince and then they bang. This book was great and I love how the timeline weaved in with the events of the other series. It was also a slower burn of a novel because the hero, Logan St. James, is Ellie’s bodyguard and he doesn’t want to hit it until she is old enough, which I can respect. Eventually, he can’t resist and they begin their own beautiful romance but hit some obstacles along the way.

Go get you some of this book. And if you haven’t read the series yet, just go ahead and resign yourself to being $15 poorer because Emma’s writing is fantastic. It’s witty and sharp and she captures the personalities of all the characters so well.