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The Ever-Elusive Review

Throughout this writing process, I have learned a lot of lessons. I have learned to value my time and make sure I spent it appropriately (ie: as much as I try to convince myself, watching this video on loop for twenty minutes is not research), I’ve learned to set super low expectations around my book sales (yay for days with sales over 37¢- champagne for everyone!) and I’ve learned how to really engage with other authors and be more confident about my writing.

Giveaway Guarding Her Heart

* Giveaway Alert *

I am excited to share that I am hosting a giveaway over at Goodreads to give away 100 (!!!) copies of the Kindle version of my book, Guarding Her Heart.

You do need to be a Goodreads member but I am assuming all of you already are because… well, Goodreads is awesome.

The giveaway is running until March 20th in anticipation of my next book release (more details coming shortly! Woohooo!)