Book Review: Royally Endowed

In true fashion, I read Royally Endowed, the third book in Emma Chase’s “the Royally” series in one sitting, finishing at 1:00am on a Sunday, knowing I would definitely be feeling the lack of sleep when I need to wake up in five more hours. But whatever, it was worth it.

I am ashamed to share that I didn’t even know Ms. Chase had published the third book in the series (it came out in August), however I was listening to the Romance Between the Pages podcast (side note: fantastic podcast- also a new discovery) and they were interviewing Emma who talked about this book.

Needless to say I rushed home and purchased it. It’s $4.99 on Amazon and normally I hate buying books more than $1.99 because I devour them in 2-3 hours. But whatever, I did it and I regret nothing.

Royally Endowed is the story of Ellie, Olivia’s baby sister. You will remember Olivia from the first book in the series, Royally Screwed where she throws a pie in the face of the Prince and then they bang. This book was great and I love how the timeline weaved in with the events of the other series. It was also a slower burn of a novel because the hero, Logan St. James, is Ellie’s bodyguard and he doesn’t want to hit it until she is old enough, which I can respect. Eventually, he can’t resist and they begin their own beautiful romance but hit some obstacles along the way.

Go get you some of this book. And if you haven’t read the series yet, just go ahead and resign yourself to being $15 poorer because Emma’s writing is fantastic. It’s witty and sharp and she captures the personalities of all the characters so well.

I’ve really found with Emma’s books that she has mastered the art of “show, don’t tell” and you really feel like you are there, with your characters. And the fact that there is royalty and balls and tiaras also doesn’t hurt. I also enjoy a good epilogue and Emma was kind enough to throw one in there with all of our favorite characters.

I cannot recommend Emma’s books enough. Next to only one other author, Emma’s “Royally Series” is the only other one in which I have purchases BOTH the e-book and audio book versions because I just loved them so darn much. Also Andi Arndt and Shane East both narrate all three books and they are romance novel e-book royalty in their own right.

All in all, as if it isn’t evident enough by my borderline embarrassing gushing above, Royally Endowed is a total 5/5 for me.

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