Book Review: The Opposite of You

I am new to author Rachel Higginson, but I was somehow directed to her book, The Opposite of You via Amazon’s recommendations and I absolutely adored this book. I went for it because it was only $1.20 and I thought “what the hell could I lose?” (for all you KU subscribers, it’s also on there!)

The story is about a young woman and chef named Vera who is escaping a dark past (and a sleazy ex) by coming back home and opening a food truck in the lot of her brother’s bicycle shop. Across the street from this lot is a famous, super upscale restaurant with a kitchen run by the famous chef, Killian.

He sees the food truck, is super pissy that it desecrates the beauty of his own magnificent restaurant across the street, conflict ensues when he sends his kitchen staff to sample her goods and then because he’s a super arrogant famous chef, he sends her notes on how to improve her food, which only piss her off. So like Higginson clearly describes in her title, it’s an opposites attract novel BUT are they really so different after all? (answer: no)

This book reads more like an enemies to lovers book than an opposites attract, but it’s a fun read and has some really witty banter. The sex is less of a feature (I think there was only one or two sex scenes in the book and pardon my dirty mind, but I consider that fairly light), but that gives more room for the characters to fall in love. I also like the book in that the characters don’t fall in love in like two weeks- it takes some time, but it’s cool because we’ll know they’ll get down eventually.

It also has an adorable ending that makes my HEA- obsessed heart pitter patter. I will definitely be seeking out more of Ms. Higginson’s books and recommend you try it out for yourself, too. All in all, a solid 4.5/5 for me.

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