Book Review: King of Code

I fell in love with CD Reiss after hearing her interview on the Romance Between the Pages podcast and then finding her on Twitter and loving her hilarious and on-point commentary and thoughts. I picked King of Code for my first novel from CD Reiss because I am a geek at heart and loved the idea of a hacker romance.

King of Code is written entirely in the hero’s, Taylor Harden, perspective and doesn’t shy away from showing him as an arrogant, manwhorish but brilliant guy who gets his “impenetrable” system hacked right before he is about to offer hackers everywhere a $5 million prize for hacking into his system. His arrogance catches up to him and the hacker who manages to crack the uncrackable lures him to find them. And lo and behold, Taylor finds his mystery hacker to be a … woman. Though Taylor is immediately attracted to Harper, the beautiful blonde hacker, he also hates her guts because she totally humiliated him. She more than makes up for it though, so they’re cool now.

I liked the book and I think it’s pretty obvious that Ms. Reiss knows her stuff. There is some peppering of some techy language, but it’s usually quickly explained or something a Google search can help me figure out. I devoured this book on a weekend afternoon and loved the slow burn hate to like to love. Even though Taylor was super pissed at Harper for the humiliation, he can’t help but respect her and acknowledge that her skills are undeniable.

It was harder for me to connect with Harper since everything was written from Taylor’s perspective. Also, Harper had some funky motives for messing with Taylor and I understand why Reiss wanted to keep us in the dark. In addition to being a romance, this book also read a bit like a mystery and Harper was at the center of it all. It’s definitely got me interested in reading more from Reiss and I already have another book of hers, Prince Charming, lined up in my queue.

There is another book based off this one from Reiss, White Night, that is due to release in April. The book is about Harper’s sister who isn’t really given a super appealing story in King of Code. She comes off as weepy and a little depressing so truthfully, I am not super intrigued to read White Night. All in all, I really enjoyed this one and would definitely recommend it for those who like a little surprise and intrigue in their romances, as well as redeemable characters with a little bit of cray cray in them.


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