Getting Closer!

This Friday brought a really amazing next step in this crazy journey.

I chose my editor.


When I started writing a year ago, I had absolutely no idea that I would be booking an editor for a trilogy series. I was writing for the hell of it, a way to escape this insane world.

And today? Today I ordered my business cards.

I had been avoiding ordering business cards for awhile. I had them sitting in my VistaPrint shopping cart for ages. I had designed them when I had redesigned my website and I was happy with the design. I kept putting off excuses on ordering them and then today I finally bit the bullet.

I don’t attend too many author events, but networking and meeting authors or potential readers can really happen anywhere, so it was important that I had something I could give people to help them remember me. Because let’s face it, I have a forgettable face and a terrible personality: I need those business cards.

And something about pressing the “buy” button solidified for me that this is freakin’ real! This is happening! I am a soon-to-be published author!


I am also firing up my mailing list and getting started to regularly send out updates through that as well, so shameless plug to go and sign up now if you haven’t yet! I will be announcing the official release date for my first book shortly, and all my newsletter subscribers will be the first to hear so definitely go sign up. I promise to not spam you 🙂

And meanwhile, I am going to keep plugging away and work on completing 100% my third novel in the series. I am so grateful for this amazing journey and excited to see what comes next. I am so grateful to you all for joining me on this crazy ride, too! So stay tuned for very exciting updates… it’s all finally happening!

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