Tools of the Trade: Trello

As a writer in 2017, I am lucky that there are so many resources out there to help me in the process. I thought it might be fun and helpful for other writers out there to see the tools I have been using and feature them here on my blog.

Writing a book isn’t as simple as it sounds (I mean, if putting 50,000 coherent words together doesn’t sound simple enough!) There is so much more that goes into birthing a book baby after you finished the damn thing: the formatting, the marketing, the literal publishing of the thing. It can be challenging to keep everything straight.

That is where a tool like Trello comes in. Trello is a website where you create different boards and create lists within those boards. Each list, you can add specific tasks (“cards”) and once you complete a card, you archive it and it disappears leaving you with a sense of accomplishment.

Trello is also a collaborative tool and you can assign certain cards to other members, giving them that particular assignment. It’s a great project management tool and I am a very visual person, so it helps for me to clearly see all my tasks and the action steps.

Here is a look at my Trello board, aptly named “EVERYTHING”.

I have several different categories. And because Trello is super user friendly, they use a horizontal scroll, allowing you to add a ton of lists. My first ones are all for my books and have tasks like “Research Iraq deployment lengths”, “Beef up chapter 12” and “Decide if I want to change ending to Ch. 32”.

Overall, this tool has really been indispensable to me: it allows for me to see the tasks ahead and prioritize them in a coherent way. And the best part about Trello? It’s 100% free.


Do you use Trello? What tools do you use to help you stay on top of your game?


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