The Ever-Elusive Review

Throughout this writing process, I have learned a lot of lessons. I have learned to value my time and make sure I spent it appropriately (ie: as much as I try to convince myself, watching this video on loop for twenty minutes is not research), I’ve learned to set super low expectations around my book sales (yay for days with sales over 37¢- champagne for everyone!) and I’ve learned how to really engage with other authors and be more confident about my writing.

What I didn’t expect, however, was that it would be so damn difficult to get reviews. I mean, I see books with literally hundreds of reviews. And even though I don’t boast hundreds of sales, I do boast dozens* and I anticipated at least like… half of those people would leave reviews? After all, don’t all the reviews I’ve done in the past lend me some good karmic juju on which the review gods would bestow super-extra reviews on me?

Uhhhhh…. no. 

And am I placing too much weight on reviews? Am I too obsessed concerned about reviews? Maybe, but probably not. Reviews are what instill confidence in your future reader that your book doesn’t blow and if they are going to spend their valuable time and money, they want a good ride. Like trust me, as an avid reader, I totally get it. Still, it feels frustrating because I want like millions of dollars and people to read and love my book. I think I was on the tail end of those pesky millenials and I want everything now. But, I am willing to work for it. I just need to work on the whole patience part of the equation. And the whole mellowing out and taking a moment to appreciate the amazing reviews I do have, like this one from my mom:


Like, I am not trying to win the Pulitzer here- I get it, mom. But god… getting that image out of my head is going to take a lot of therapy and a lot of pharmaceuticals.

So, in the mean time I am going to just keep writing and hope that my efforts- along with some advertising and blog tour companies I am trying out – will help lead people to my books and they will either fall in love with incredible personality and read my books out of pity, or they will genuinely be eager to read my books because they like sexy Scottish bodyguards and kick-ass smart women. Honestly, whatever one it is- I’m cool with.

So, if you are to take any lesson from this (and please, don’t ever use me for lessons unless it veers more toward the “what NOT to do”), write reviews for your authors. We need them. We have very desperate egos that need to be consistently fed. Also reviews are what help us literally get fed because they help lead readers to us. Write awesome, amazing reviews and we will love you. Even more than we do now!


*3 dozens to be exact 🙂

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