Defending Her Dignity: Book Trailer, Excerpt, Blurb AND More!

We are just over TWO WEEKS away from the release of the final novel in the Renegade Love Bodyguard Series, Defending Her Dignity. Make sure to keep reading to check out an exclusive excerpt and to see the book trailer.

Book Blurb
Men have never taken me seriously. At 5’5” on a good day, they can’t help but look straight through me, or worse: right at my rack. So I prove them wrong. Usually with a swift kick to their golden jewels that sends them straight to the floor. That’s what they get for messing with a captain from the Israeli Defense Forces.

When my cousin offers me a gig for a bodyguard position with one of the richest families in the country, I jump at the opportunity. But when I meet the client, Lawrence Monroe… it doesn’t go so well.

So I tell him to go screw himself and as I stumble out of the room, I find Isabel, his adorable daughter getting her butt kicked in Wii boxing. I offer to teach her a few tricks and then suddenly Lawrence has a change of heart. That same day I move into his McMansion, into a bedroom the size of my entire apartment. Except there’s one problem: while I think I’m being hired as a bodyguard, he thinks he’s hiring a nanny. Yeah, annoying. But for the sake of his blue-eyed baby girl (and a sizable paycheck), I play along.

And while at first, I just pegged Lawrence as an over-protective father, I am beginning to get the feeling that Isabel and I are being watched. All my instincts tell me to follow my gut, but how can I trust myself when every time I am within a 10 foot radius of Lawrence, my body betrays me and I feel inexplicably attracted to this devoted single dad. There is something between us, lingering just beneath the surface. But he is American royalty and I am only here until this threat is neutralized.

After all, I can’t let myself fall for him. I need to focus on protecting his daughter and deciding what kind of life I want for myself. No, falling for a man like Lawrence Monroe would cost me too much.

I have to defend my dignity.


Excerpt 1
His silence is all I need to answer my question, and my body continues to vibrate with laughter. “I can’t believe it. Everything I saw on American TV is true! Please tell me that you also wear those pink shorts with the little whales stitched on them!”

“Are you done yet?” he asks when my breath finally begins to even. But when another image of Lawrence wearing salmon-colored shorts and holding a lacrosse stick crosses my mind, I can’t contain my laughter. Only when I feel his hands grip my waist and tilt me over the side of the horse does my laughter stop, and I let out a shrill shriek.

“Okay! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Don’t drop me!” I beg.

When he places me back upright, I turn around and elbow him in his side. “You’re evil!”

His eyes crinkle at the corners as a wide smile stretches across his face. As much as I try to fight it, I can’t help but feel my breath hitch when I look into his emerald eyes. They’re stunning, and when he’s looking at you, it feels like you’re the center of the world. It’s an enthralling-and addicting-feeling.

“Truce?” he asks, his eyes still locked on mine. His words come out on a breath, and I convince myself that I can’t hear the need in his voice or see the heat in his stare. I nod before turning back around. Lawrence’s hands slowly slide down from my waist and come to rest at my hips. As we turn a corner, his hands grip my hips and he pulls me back. It’s then that I feel a hard bulge against my lower back, and a flush of heat rushes toward my cheeks and pools at my center. Oh my God. Does he have an erection right now?

Excerpt 2
As soon as Isabel is out of sight, I open the door. A tall man with a deep olive complexion, close-shaven black hair, and dark-tinted sunglasses greets me. He’s jacked, his muscles still clearly visible in his fitted khaki suit. He looks like the kind of guy who spends six hours a day in the gym and posts pictures of his protein smoothies on his Twitter feed. He’s exactly the kind of guy I’d expect to own a private security firm comprised of ex-military. He immediately offers his hand. “I’m Oded. We spoke on the phone.”

I nod and take his hand, doing my best to not wince as he strongly grips my hand in a firm handshake. “Thank you for coming on such short notice. Please come in.” I stand back, holding the door open, and wave him in.

As he steps toward me, I see that behind his large frame is a whole other person. A woman. An unbelievably gorgeous woman. Long, dark hair is pulled into a high pony tail that’s just messy enough to make me believe that she probably slept with it like that and rolled out of bed. She’s short, no more than five six, with an athletic but curvy frame. She’s wearing a simple white tank with black jeans, ripped at the knees, and boots. Next to Oded in his suit, she looks like the lost baby sister he’s stuck with for the day. Except she’s most definitely not a child. No, the swell of her breasts in that tight tank and the curve of her hips confirm, she is all woman.

She follows Oded into the house, not bothering to introduce herself. She holds herself with the same confidence as her muscled partner-something I find both incredibly confusing, and alluring. Her toned arms and flat stomach confirm for me that she is definitely in shape, and when her hazel eyes lazily wander up and down, assessing me, I get the sneaking suspicion she is also very capable of kicking my ass.

Her brown eyes continue to dart around the open foyer, taking in everything around her. Her eyes widen as she spots the crystal chandelier above. I’m suddenly fascinated by this woman standing in my foyer, feeling no need to introduce herself or even acknowledge my presence. Who is she? And more importantly, why is she here?


Interested in reading more? You can read the first chapter HERE and check out the book trailer below:



You’re totally sold now, aren’t you? Awesome- make sure you snag the pre-order before Defending Her Dignity comes out on May 15th! 

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