She has a secret that could bring down an empire - and risk her life and her heart in the balance.


I’ve lived my life in the shadows as the secret daughter of the king of the West Asian monarchy of Trivia.

So when I have the chance to attend graduate school in the United States, I jump at the opportunity to become the woman I was never allowed to back in Trivia.

Except there’s one tiny hitch. Due to political tension back in Trivia, my father, the king insists I have a bodyguard on me 24/7.

But the brooding babysitter I’m stuck with is making blending in a difficult task and as angry as I am with him, I am also beginning to find myself dreaming of the sexy bodyguard.

But can I let myself fall for the man who continues to push me away? His heart has already been broken once, but will he be wiling to take another chance on me?


After discovering my fiancée has been heating on me, I took the first assignment from my job at Hazak Private Security that got me out of California.

I needed a fresh start and the easy gig babysitting some rich chick across the country was exactly what would help me move on.

But Sophia is nothing like what I had imagined. She’s beautiful, kind and awakens within me a renewed desire for life- and for her.

But when the threats that Sophia escaped from follow her to the States, will I be able to protect the woman who now has my heart? Or will the secret she’s been hiding doom us before we even have a chance?

Betrayed is Book 4 in the Hazak Private Security series and can be read as a standalone, though will be best enjoyed after reading books 1-3.


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