A single father with everything to protect
and a bodyguard willing to risk it all for him.




It's every father's worst nightmare: someone is stalking my family and my daughter is at risk. And I will do anything to protect her. Including hiring the tempting bodyguard with  curves I ache to explore and a sharp tongue that leaves me wanting more.

As much as I want this sexy bodyguard, I can't risk scaring her away. Not when the stalker is closing in around us.

But living together in this house and not falling into each other's beds is proving too difficult a task.

Will we have the chance to explore the passion between us? Or will the threat that has been looming over us take everything away?


I have one goal: protect the client at whatever cost. And when I meet my newest ward, an adorable and sassy ten year old girl, I know I will risk anything to protect her.

But am I willing to risk losing my heart to her father? The doting and loving father who has ignited this spark inside of me is clear that he wants more than just my protective services.

While my body wants to give in, my head is screaming for me to run.

And when the unimaginable happens and everything I care for begins to slip away, I finally realize that it's too late: I've already lost my heart to this man.

But what if I'm too late?

Defended was previously published as Defending Her Dignity, though past readers will enjoy this completely revised edition.


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