Defending Her Dignity

book 3 in the Renegade Love Bodyguard Series

Men have never taken me seriously. At 5’5” on a good day, they can’t help but look straight through me, or worse: right at my rack. So I prove them wrong. Usually with a swift kick to their golden jewels that sends them straight to the floor. That’s what they get for messing with a captain from the Israeli Defense Forces.

And when I meet my newest client Lawrence Monroe, he writes me off just like everyone else.

Until he sees me with his daughter and he gets an idea.

I will play house and keep an eye out on his baby girl and in return all I ask is for this overprotective dad is to leave me alone and sign my paychecks.

But then things start to change.

And I realize I may have misjudged Lawrence – and his fears that his daughter is in danger.

Falling for Lawrence could be dangerous, but letting my guard down could be deadly.

This sexy single dad and his adorable daughter are quickly worming their way into my heart and making me rethink all my goals in life, challenging me to dream of things I never thought possible.

But will defending my dignity stop me from realizing that love may be closer than I realized?


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